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Tenant In Common (“TIC”) is a form of real estate asset ownership in which two or more persons own an undivided, fractional interest in the asset, where ownership shares are not required to be equal, and where ownership interests may qualify for an IRS 1031 exchange as like kind real estate.  A TIC loan has been viewed as the most difficult and time consuming loan that Special Servicers and Lenders service.  Since servicers typically spend an inordinate amount of money servicing TIC loans and there can be up to 35 TIC borrowers in one loan, they are anxious to remove TIC loans from their servicing platform.  8558 provides a mechanism to assist the servicer, and assist the TIC borrowers in organizing themselves to then come to a resolution with the servicer.

With its combined expertise and experience, 8558 is among the leading TIC Loan intermediaries in the country.